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"Raines" Review by Danielle 3/21/07

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"Raines" is a new crime show on NBC. The lead character, Michael Raines (Jeff Goldblum) is a seasoned detective. The one thing that makes Raines different from any other detective is the ability to project his imagination so that he can see and converse with the murder victim as if they are really standing before him. As the pilot episode progresses, it is shown that while these victims arenít ghosts, they still can only be seen or heard by Raines alone. Everyone else around him, including Captain Lewis (Matt Craven), are concerned that Raines has gone crazy because all they see is Raines talking to himself. The rookie detective Raines mostly interacts with on a daily basis is Carolyn, played by Nicole Sullivan. It was interesting to see Nicole in a less comedic role.

Raines often seeks advice from his former partner who seems to be the only one who knows what really goes on in Rainesí mind. At the end, it is revealed that the partner was also a murder victim. That was a twist I didnít see coming and enjoyed immensely. Another unique twist I found interesting is that the murder victim, though Raines can see and converse with them, supposedly only knows what Raines has found out so far about the case and therefore canít simply tell him the identity of their killer. The idea being that once Raines is no longer ďhauntedĒ by the victim, then Raines can know for sure that heís arrested the right suspect and solved the case.

I also enjoyed how the murder victim changed personas and demeanors based on how Rainesí perception of her changed. The one thing I found questionable was how the victim had to question Raines about why he no longer worked with his former partner when, as she only knows what he knows, thatís something she should already know about. Before I tuned in, I expected this to be more of a CSI meets Medium but I was pleasantly surprised at the different twists applied to this overdone whodunit concept.

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Updated 4/3/07


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