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"Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead" Review by Danielle 11/6/06

Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead is a new six episode series airing on the Lifetime network Monday nights and is produced by game show great, Merv Griffin. Lisa Williams describes herself as a medium/clairvoyant. The show is billed as a chance to see a medium at work on the street and at home but this debut episode only featured the two minutes it took Lisa to say goodbye to her family before leaving the house in the morning.

The show featured several different segments featuring different people getting readings by Lisa for various reasons. The first segment featured Lisa approaching a random pair of men on the street and offering to do a reading. They oblige her request and turn from skeptics to believers when she conveys messages from two separate deceased loved ones, one for each of the men. The second segment featured Lisa going to a hotel room to do a private reading for a woman who has flown to Lisa’s hometown just in hopes of contacting her dead husband. This segment showed how Lisa can see the deceased standing in the room as well as hears them because she saw the woman’s husband standing behind them. The third segment featured two sisters coming to Lisa’s home/office for a reading about their dead mother and Lisa was able to answer the daughter’s questions and relay things that only the mom would know. The last segment featured Lisa visiting the Glenn Tavern Inn to prove whether it truly is haunted. Lisa was able to use the spirit to work her way to the room of the inn where the murder of the deceased now haunting the inn took place. The unique aspect of this segment was Lisa’s ability to physically feel what the deceased felt when they were killed in the form of pain in the same areas of the body.

Like many magicians and those claiming to have paranormal ‘powers,’ Lisa made references during the show and in a posted disclaimer at the end that Lisa had no prior knowledge or details about the people she was reading or their situations. A unique detail about Lisa is that she dons a hat whenever she wants to switch from her work mentality to her home mentality as she claims it helps qualm the messages and helps her leave it all behind so she can focus on her family and personal life.

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Updated 11/6/06 


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