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"Lincoln Heights" Review by Danielle 1/13/07

"Lincoln Heights"

Lincoln Heights is a new original drama on ABCFamily that airs Monday nights at 7PM ET. The main characters compose the Sutton family. Eddie (Russell Hornsby) is the main force behind the family's actions and is a police officer. His wife, Jen (Nicki Micheaux) is a nurse. They have three children, Cassie (Erica Hubbard) who is of high school age, Lizzie (Rhyon Nicole Brown) who is of middle school/early high school age, and the youngest and only boy, Taylor (Mishon Ratliff) who is of late elementary/early middle school age. They start off living in a cramped apartment where the son has to sleep on the couch and they all have to share one bathroom.

Eddie, who grew up near a crime-ridden neighborhood he now patrols, is part of a team that busts a crack house. Eddie convinces his family to take advantage of a city sponsored program that asks good families to buy the rundown houses often inhabited by criminals and refurbish them to help re-establish the neighborhood in exchange for a better purchasing deal. The move means switching schools and the kids find that it's not as easy to fit in nor is the family of a cop quite as welcome in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite parts was how Jen helped Taylor when he was getting his lunch money stolen by writing one word on each bill " off" so that the boys would be caught red handed. Their new home is ransacked but the neighbors decide to help out the family after all. Eddie, the biggest supporter for moving to this neighborhood and staying despite the rough road, decides to bail when Cassie has the unfortunate timing of being at the market during a gang fueled robbery. The rest of the family steps up and convinces Eddie that they should stay.

The series shows good promise and potential as the family faces new trials of day-to-day life as well as the ramifications of the events that transpired in this first episode.

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Updated 1/15/07


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