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"Las Vegas Law" Review by Suzanne 3/5/06

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First I should explain that I'm not a fan of reality shows in general. I don't watch any of them regularly. I prefer fiction, scripted dramas and comedies. The few times I've tuned into a reality show because the premise sounded kind of interesting, I was very disappointed by how boring the show was or how awful the people on the show were.  Seems like the big draw on some of these shows is just how scummy the contestants are or how far some people will go to get attention (or a prize).

"Las Vegas Law" does not have people like you see on other reality shows.  The people seem very real, not the type that just want to get on television.  It is very straight-forward and not boring, especially if you like legal dramas or like watching Court TV.

Bucky Buchanan is the star of this show. He is a charismatic lawyer, so it's easy to see why they would give him his own reality show. He does his legal work in Las Vegas, so there are many establishing shots of Vegas. I'm sure some of the episodes feature dealers, showgirls, or other such personalities.  The episode I watched just featured regular people, so the show could really be set in any city.

Bucky defends regular people who need help, guilty or not, just like any regular defense lawyer. We get to see what the person is accused of, what Bucky thinks of their case, and then we see them go to court and what the verdict is. It's very simple and has a lot of the same dramatic tension as a legal drama such as "The Practice" or "Law & Order". However, unlike those scripted shows, it is very real and clearly none of the people are actors.  There is no script.  Bucky is somewhat of a character, and that makes it worth watching.  Clearly he is good at his job.

If you're the law, or you really want to see reality, this is a good show to watch. See clips and learn more about the show at the Court TV site.

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Updated 3/5/06 


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