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"King of Cars" Review by Suzanne 2/20/07

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I have to remind you that I am not a fan of reality shows...really, I don't watch anything that's not fiction. I just watch tons of tv, and I prefer fiction, so I don't have time for both.

I will admit that I have tried a few that looked interesting, but mostly they were either really boring, or they were about humiliation or gross-outs, or they had nothing "real" about them. I was not really looking forward to watching the preview disks they sent me.

I was pleasantly surprised. I read that this show is about a car dealership, so I thought it would be boring because I don't care at all about cards. But it was actually very entertaining.

The show is about a car dealership in Vegas owned by this guy "Chop", who is also a rap singer at night.  You can tell by looking at this show that these are real people, even if they do live in the glitzy Vegas world.  They are not skinny models or wannabe-actors. They are working in a real environment, not something fake set up by some Hollywood person.

Chop is a funny and interesting guy who has different contests to motivate his salespeople and to get more customers in (and more sales).  The way they film these things, they are not only interesting but funny.  This is what reality shows should be - showing interesting people, REAL people, and editing out the boring parts.  Because mostly, real life is not that interesting, so there are plenty of parts you want to skip.

I watched two episodes. In one, Chop had an "Ugly Truck" contest, which brought people into the dealership.  The salespeople tried to sell cars to all the people who came in for the contest, and also just onlookers who wanted to check out the contest.  Even though I am not a fan of cars or trucks, it was fun to see the really old and crummy cars. It was a fun competition.  The show is only half an hour, so the time does go by quickly.

In the second episode, one of the salesmen was promoted, so these two other guys had to compete to be on his sales team (which I gather is the top one).  One was Latino and the other African-American. Both had their own styles and personalities, and obviously both were great salesmen. It was cool to see the other side of the coin, having bought a few cars.  The two tied in sales, so then Chop made them play basketball to see who won. This was fun but also serious, since they both wanted this promotion!  It was a great ending and I really had fun watching it. I was very shocked at how much I enjoyed watching the show.

I'm not sure if this is something I will make a point to tune in to watch, since I really do prefer fiction, but I certainly didn't mind spending 40 minutes watching these, and it was not a waste of time.  I would probably watch it again if it was on in front of me. If you like reality shows, or cars, or you are looking for a REAL reality show, check it out!!  This is the second season, and I can see why it is so successful.  It airs Tuesday nights.

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Updated 2/20/07 


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