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"Kidnapped" Review by Suzanne 9/24/06

"Kidnapped" cast

Just based on the pilot, I would say that "Kidnapped" is a very exciting show that grabs you right away and hardly ever slows down (sort of like "24"). It has excellent acting and a complex storyline that keeps you guessing.

Movie star Timothy Hutton stars as a rich business man, Conrad Cain, whose son is kidnapped. Even though the son has a bodyguard, he is taken in a well-planned way. The kidnappers are professionals who put a lot of money and planning into their scheme, so it seems that Cain must have some secrets. Or it could be his wife, played by Dana Delaney, who has the secrets. Either way, it's clear that this one kidnapping is only the tip of the iceburg.

Cain hires a professional rescuer named Knapp (Jeremy Sisto), who seems to be a former government agent. He successfully rescues rich people's kids and doesn't have to care about rules or whether he shoots people. The kid's bodyguard, played by Mykelti Williamson, is left for dead, and Knapp's people dump him in a hospital so that news of the kidnapping won't get out. He is discovered by his wife's friend, a retiring FBI agent named Latimer King. These are all very colorful and interesting characters. King and the rest of the FBI find out about the kidnapping and get involved in helping Cain, even though he doesn't want their help (and nor does Knapp). They are all forced to work together.

I plan to keep watching this show because it's just full of action and layers, and the acting is superb. I hope it lives up to the pilot's promise! I can't say anything bad about it. It seems to run twice a week, so you should be able to catch it easily.

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Updated 9/24/06 


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