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"Jeremiah" Review by Suzanne 9/22/06

"Jericho" cast

First, let me say that the pilot episode of "Jericho" was really outstanding. It had interesting characters and good writing, it was fast-paced and exciting, and, despite its theme, it was fairly upbeat. I just don't know how they will keep it up every week. I look forward to having them surprise me.

The show is about a small midwestern town (near Denver) and what happens to them when major cities are destroyed (probably by nuclear attacks). They made you care about the characters. They are not just stereotypes. The main family is the mayor (Gerald McRaney), his wife, and their two sons. One of the sons, Jake (played by TV hottie Skeet Ulrich) has just returned after a five-year absence, to get his grandfather's inheritance. He and the father do not get along. When disaster strikes, the family pulls together, of course (that was the only predictable part that I noted).

I am just unsure of how they can keep this show going. If all of the major U.S. cities are destroyed, then there would probably be enough mushroom clouds to affect the whole country, I'm guessing. I've seen the classic post-nuclear movies "Testament" and "The Day After". They were riveting and realistic, but also they were horribly depressing. So far, Jericho is not depressing. I just wonder how they can be realistic and not get depressing. Who wants to watch it if they do get depressing? But then again, if it's not depressing, it won't be we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe "all is not as it seems", like in "Lost", so they will keep us guessing.

From what I can see, the show is definitely worth watching and tuning in, at least until it disappoints...I am willing to give it a chance, and so should you.

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Updated 9/22/06 


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