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"In Case of Emergency" Review by Danielle 1/14/07

"In Case Of Emergency"

"In Case Of Emergency" is a new comedy airing Wednesday nights on ABC. The core group of characters all attended Westwood South High as the class of ' 87. Harry Kennison (played by Jonathan Silverman) was the stereotypical nerd in high school and is now the divorced single dad; he ends up being the stable adult of the group. He is feeling alone and makes the analogy of no longer having anyone to put down on forms when they ask for who to contact in case of emergency.

Jason Ventress (David Arquette) grew up to be a big business tycoon that contemplates suicide after a big company scandal has him facing an investigation. Sherman Yablonsky (Greg Germann) grew up from overweight adolescent into a fit adult capitalizing on his transformation by hawking a diet plan based on "not eating for mommy."

Jason ends up rethinking his suicide attempt, but his careless tossing aside of the gun lands him in the emergency room after shooting himself in the foot. Jason meets a doctor named Joanna there (Lori Loughlin). Sherman discovers that his wife left him and ends up stealing a bakery truck for the sugar fix. Harry steps out of his comfort zone and tries a Korean massage where he runs into another old classmate, Kelly Lee (Kelly Hu). Harry reluctantly helps Kelly escape from her jealous boyfriend by bringing her back to his house. Jason ends up calling Harry to pick him up from the hospital and Sherman ends up calling Harry to bail him out of jail. Harry is hurt that Kelly remembers everyone else from their class except him. Kelly's boyfriend finds out where Harry lives and comes to talk to Kelly but Harry confronts him instead. The boyfriend leaves without seeing Kelly but leaves his parting commentary on Harry's face by breaking his nose.

The whole group ends up in the hospital this time to treat Harry, but now Harry has a contact name to put on the form under "In Case of Emergency…" The characters' temperaments seem to be the mirror image of CBS' new comedy, "The Class."

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Updated 1/15/07


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