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"Heroes" Review by Suzanne 10/11/06

Heroes Cast

This is the only new show I was really looking forward to this season, and I'm happy to say that it hasn't disappointed.  The show is awesome, and I don't mean just that it's great, but that it frequently awes me.  That's the sign of a great show.

Okay, I will admit that I'm a long-time comic book geek. Well, I haven't bought any for about 20-something years, but when I was growing up, I had three brothers were really into comic books, and they got me into them, too. I started out reading little kids' comics like Richie Rich and Archie, but then later I got into DC and Marvel superheroes.  I spent all of my spare money on comics and candy (and I did not have a lot of spare money).  I enjoyed drawing, too, and used to draw my own superheroes.  I always loved the TV and movie superheroes, too, long past the point where I gave up "childish things" like collecting comics.

So I am a big fan of TV shows like "Smallville", cartoons like "Justice League United", and movies like "X-Men".  The problem with those, however, is that I am constantly comparing them to the comic books I grew up with, and it bugs me if they change the history, cast badly, or otherwise change things in the process of bringing them from book to screen.

The great thing about a show like "Heroes".  I have no pre-conceived notions about anything. It has a great story and fascinating characters.  Unusual, surprising things happen. There is a lot of mystery about what's happening and why, which makes me want to keep tuning in every week. This show has a lot of different characters and many things going on, so you need to pay close attention while it's on or you might get lost.  That's a good thing. It means it's intelligent and intriguing, not just escapist fun. It is both, actually.

In case you don't know what the show's about, it's about a group of people who live all over the world that suddenly discover they have powers.  There is also a scientist who finds out that his father was murdered because he has this theory about humans evolving and having powers.  Some group killed him and tries to kill his son as he unravels the mystery. There is at least one person with powers that is evill and killing people.  There are many different characters, as I said, including a nerdy Japanese office worker who can bend time, a high school cheerleader that can't be killed, a cop that can read thoughts, two brothers who can fly, and a drug addict that paints the future. It is a really fascinating show, even if you are not already a comic book fan. It has many layers and puzzles, like "Lost".

None of the "superheroes" have costumes, so far...that would be my one complaint.

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Updated 10/11/06 


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