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"Help Me Help You" Review by Suzanne 10/10/06

Cast of Help Me Help You

I really wanted to like this sitcom, and it really wants me to like it. ain't gonna happen.  I don't know why Ted Danson took this role. "Becker" was ten times better than this.

There aren't many sitcoms around here any more, and most of them are not funny, including this one. I don't know why this is so.  Maybe networks haven't figured it out yet, but that should be the MAIN INGREDIENT in a sitcom! Not "famous actors", not "quirkly characters" or a "romance". Jokes, you guys.  FUNNY jokes!!  What ever happened to those?

It seems that nowadays the only funny shows are the ones that are one-hour-long, such as "Boston Legal", "Monk", "House" and "Ugly Betty".  I laugh out loud at those shows all the time.  No sitcoms nowadays provoke that sort of reaction.  Not even "My Name Is Earl", which I do like.

I'm not saying there were no times I laughed in the show, but...not very many.  I am still watching it, so far, as long as there's nothing else on at that time slot that prevents it.  But I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to keep watching it.

Danson's character in this is less obnoxious than his Becker character (but again, not as funny).  He is a therapist with a group of supposedly funny characters as his patients in group therapy.  This is a concept that was already done with the show "Dear John" in the late 80's.  In fact, Jere Burns was in that show, and he's in this one, too (I'm not really sure why).  That was not a terribly funny show, but even it was funnier than this one.

If the show gets funnier writers, it might have a chance. The characters are interesting and have potential.  Danson is not the only seasoned actor.  ABC, you can do better!

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Updated 10/11/06 


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