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"Head Case" Review by Suzanne 5/9/07

"Head Cases" is a comedy about a therapist, Dr. Goode, whose patients are all celebrities in Beverly Hills. It's set up to look like a reality show - the type you might especially find on Discovery or A&E. The scenes jump around a lot, and the characters talk to the cameras. The celebrities are played by real celebrities, and this further adds to the illusion of it being a reality show. We get to meet people like actors Jason Priestly and Andy Dick, singers Alanis Morrisette and Shelby Lynne, and NFL anchor Rich Eisen, among many others, all playing themselves. It's great that they are willing to laugh at themselves and looks so screwed-up.

Everyone on the show is very flaky and messed up, including the doctors. Dr. Goode sublets her office space from the very Jewish doctor Myron Finkelstein, who doesn't have many patients and seems pretty clueless about life. He is played by comedian/actor Steve Landesberg, who got his big break years ago on "Barney Miller". Dr. Goode is played with great realism by actress Alexandra Wentworth.

If you like comedies that just tell jokes, like a "Friends" sort of thing, you won't like this. If you just like funny shows, you may like this one. It is pretty funny in a very dry and off-the-wall sort of way. If you like celebrities, this might amuse you. If shows like The Office are really your thing, you will probably this one as well.

I definitely like this show and would love to see more of it. It is not a show I would necessarily laugh out loud at, but I am amused and grinning while watching it. How can you not like a show that dresses up Jason Priestly in drag, or shows Andy Dick to be a raving lunatic? It's very silly but fun. And I laughed at some of the smaller things (there is a lot of detail in this show that makes me laugh), like when receptionist Lola, who is not slim, bends over to help Dr. Goode carry a boozy, slumbering Shelby Lynne out of the office, and we not only see her butt crack but in a thong!! Maybe I'm just weird, but that made me laugh. And it was not gross, it was just funny.

Tune in to Starz to see the show. It's not a regularly-scheduled show, apparently, but one they show for five minutes in-between other shows. That's a shame because I think it would be better as a full series. It's a bit disjointed in the screener I saw, and that's probably why. It deserves a real series on a real network. Make sure to tune in!

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Updated 5/9/07 


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