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"Happy Hour" Review by Suzanne 9/22/06

"Happy Hour" cast

"Happy Hour" is one of those silly sitcoms about single people having sex and laughing with their friends. These shows seem to come up every year and most of them don't make it to a second season. I really like the characters in Happy Hour, but the show could be funnier.

The show is about a guy named Henry whose girlfriend kicked him out, so he moves in with another guy in the same building, Larry. Henry and Larry are sort of like the Odd Couple in that they are opposite types. Henry is a naive young guy from the midwest. He moved to Chicago to be with his high school sweetheart. Larry is a very jaded guy who likes to drink a lot. He appreciates all the baser things in life and tries to teach Henry about them, while Henry tires to make Larry a little more sensitive. They hang out with Larry's friend Amanda and Larry's former roommate Brad, who is married to Tina. They are an interesting little bunch, but they really need to have funnier jokes while they build the relationships and introduce us to the characters.

I hope to keep watching it, but once Smallville and other shows preview, I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with it and the other sitcom in that hour on FOX. I really want to love these shows because TV doesn't have enough good sitcoms any more, but....they are not great shows yet. Maybe they will develop into them.

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Updated 9/22/06 


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