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"Happy Hour" Review by Danielle 9/11/06

Happy Hour is a new Fox comedy starring John Sloan as Henry Beckham and Lex Medlin as Larry Cone. The show centers on Henry, a young man who gets thrown out of his apartment and job because his girlfriend Heather, played by Brooke D’Orsay, breaks up with him and he had been working for her family. Henry answers an ad for a roommate for an apartment upstairs and it turns out that Larry, the apartment owner, had recently lost his roommate Brad (played by Nat Faxon) because the roommate got married. Larry chooses to live a carefree lifestyle complete with a daily “happy hour” cocktail routine. Desperate for a new buddy to hang out with, Larry decides to agree to be roommates with Henry and sets out on a mission to improve Henry’s life. He gets his friend, Amanda (Beth Lacke) to give the new guy a job (during which some childish humor appears when Henry is forced to rush to a job interview in the shorts and casual shirt he’d been wearing) and also throws a party to help Henry meet new women.

The two standout characters in the bunch are two of the supporting characters, Amanda and Brad who is so unhappy with his controlling wife that he rushes back to the apartment and sneaks around just to be able to enjoy the life he used to have. Henry is so desperate to fit in with the group that he helps Brad and Larry when they decide to steal back Brad’s TV to keep in the apartment. When Brady’s wife Tina (played by Jamie Denbo) comes close to catching them in the act, Henry kisses Tina to distract her. Tina punches him out and somehow Henry ends up with not only a black eye but also Amanda in his bed after making love. Larry returns the favor by purposefully sending Heather into the bedroom where Amanda lies about how Henry was the best lover she’s ever had.

The show did hint at some character development when Amanda admitted to Henry that Larry was molding him into the new Brad because he can’t stand to be alone but other than that, so far the series lacks a decent storyline and the attempt at low brow humor isn’t enough to even warrant a laugh track.

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Updated 9/11/06 


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