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"Gay, Straight or Taken" Review by Danielle 1/13/07

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Gay, Straight, or Taken is a new show airing Monday nights on Lifetime. It is being billed as a game show but it is really more reminiscent of the old "Elimidate" type shows where one girl goes on a single date with three guys and has to pick one by the end of the date.

The twist in this game is that one of the guys is gay, one of the guys is straight but taken, and the third guy is available. The girl's job is to decipher who is who by spending time with all three guys. Each episode features a different girl and set of three guys. The prize part that makes this a game show is that if the girl picks correctly, she and the available guy win a dream vacation together. If she picks the gay guy as the one she believes is available, he and his boyfriend win the vacation. If she picks the straight but taken guy as the available one, then he and his girlfriend win the vacation. Since each man is out to win the vacation, they portray themselves as the available one so the girl will hopefully pick them.

At the start of each episode, the girlfriend of the taken guy and the boyfriend of the gay guy each call the girl and inform her of the apparently surprising news that she has to spend the date figuring out who is who or risk losing a dream vacation. Each date consists of 1-2 group activities chosen by the girl as well as more one on one activity for each guy to participate in with the girl. Throughout the episode, the girl offers her ever-changing commentary on which she thinks belongs to each identity as she spends more time with the guys. The viewing audience also gets to test their ability to tell the difference via a text-messaging contest.

Viewers can send in their pick for the straight and available guy and a winner will be randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win $2500. While this seems more fit for the MTV "date my mom" clientele, it does prove that you can't judge a book by its cover.

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Updated 1/15/07


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