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"Drive" Review by Suzanne 4/15/07

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"Drive" is about a cross-country race, much like "The Amazing Race", only this is fiction, not a reality show, and the stakes are much higher for some of the contestants. It also reminds me of the awful old movie "Death Race 2000".  It's better than that, but not by as much as it should be.

The show stars Nathan Fillion, best known by most for his starring role in Firefly/Serenity. He is back on FOX, but this show is not nearly as good as Firefly.  He is always a good actor, though, whether he's in this dreck or not.  He plays a man whose wife has disappeared, and he's pretty sure she's been kidnapped.  When he is contacted about this race, he is told that he must participate to find out what happened to his wife.

It is all very mysterious as to who is behind the race, but the point seems to be that bored rich people are betting on the contestants, some of whom are not just racing but sabotaging the other contestants as well.

We get to meet various other people in the race, who live all over the country. That reminds me of many disaster movies I've seen, where they introduce the various people at the beginning, Before the big fire/crash/quake occurs.  Who will survive? Who will will the race? Who cares? I don't.

They didn't make me care about any of these people before they started racing.  They are stereotyped characters.  One is an abused mother who just gave birth. Another is the son of a politican who just got out of jail. Ho-hum. 

The main point of this show seems to be car chases.  If you love car chases, and I know many do, then you may love this show. That seems to be mostly what it's about. I could care less about Nascar, or car chase movies, or The Amazing Race, so I changed the channel after 20 minutes.  I hope Nathan Fillion is successful, but I hope it's not this.

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Updated 4/16/07 


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