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"Dirt" Review by Danielle 1/6/07

picture of Courtney Cox and Ian Hart in "Dirt"

“Dirt” is the new drama on the FX network brought forth by the minds of David and Courtney Cox Arquette. They both serve as executive producers and Courtney has the leading role of Lucy Spiller, editor of tabloid magazines, “Dirt” and “Now.”

Lucy puts on the façade of tough girl feared by celebrities but respected by paparazzi. Few brief glimpses were shown into her real more personal demeanor that will hopefully be brought to light in future episodes. Lucy often has competitive banter with a male colleague named Brent Barrow (played by Jeffrey Nordling) whose main goal is to kiss up to the corporate bosses whereas Lucy wants to do whatever it takes to get the story.

Several made up celebrities were the center of this premiere episode’s storyline. Lucy hired a schizophrenic photographer, Don Kinney (played by Ian Hart), to purposefully set up celebrities to get the best shots. One of the celebrities set up by Don, Holt McLaren (Josh Stewart), decides to take his lack of a career into his own hands and tips off Don with news of a pregnant celebrity in exchange for flattering coverage in Lucy’s magazines.

The coverage leads to new movie roles but Lucy ends up having to blackmail Holt to keep being her source when the pregnant celebrity ends up taking her own life. The show is very dark and borders on the raunchy side. Further episodes will focus on the ramifications of such a cutthroat business as well as the quest for new celebrity stories and photographs for the magazines. I, however, would only hope that these further episodes live up to the hype that the premiere has generated because the debut episode was too disturbing for my modern but still morally decent tastes.

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Updated 1/8/07


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