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"Conviction" Review by Suzanne 3/5/06

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This is a drama from the creators of "Law & Order", but it's not like their other shows. It is not about the police at all, the way the L&O shows are.  Also, those shows usually stick to the case and don't have much to do with the personal lives of the characters.  This show does get you to know about the characters and their families.  It has some soap opera-like elements that the Law & Order shows don't.  It also tries more for flash and pizzazz, rather than sticking to being realistic and straight-forward.

Stephanie March, who played ADA Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order; SVU (remember her, we thought she was dead, but then we found out she was just in the witness protection program?), is in charge here of some ADA's.  They are the focus of this program.

Personally I prefer shows where the defense is the focus rather than the prosecution, but at least they seem to highlight the poor victims and how they are getting justice for them, rather than how they are putting innocent people in jail.

The first episode was very exciting. It wasn't just the usual episode where you learn about the main characters. They threw us right into the action, and it was very exciting. I recognize a few of the actors from other shows, such as J. August Richards from "Angel" and Julianne Nicholson from "Ally McBeal".  It is a good cast and I look forward to seeing more of the show.

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Updated 3/5/06 


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