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"Armed and Famous" Review by Danielle 1/16/07

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This is a new reality show airing Wednesday nights on CBS. A group of five celebrities endure three weeks of police training before going out and dealing with real police cases in the rural town of Muncie, Indiana. The five celebrities are Latoya Jackson, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Jack Osbourne, Trish Stratus, and Erik Estrada.

Some of the celebrities showed that they were true to the stereotype and soon fit the little niche of the cast that producers no doubt expected of them. Erik Estrada was charismatic but also had a need to play the leader or hero. One of his least endearing qualities was the constant reference to how he'd be better at this than the others because he played a cop on TV. Latoya Jackson proved that she is a diva by insisting the waiters make her a tablecloth out of several napkins while dining at a family restaurant. She also gave the most graceful and demure reaction to the Taser training. Trish Stratus lived up to her strong female wrestler persona and was the sole cast member to agree to being shot with the real Taser pellets. Jack Osbourne proved to be very skilled with a gun but needed extra guidance while out on the job. Jason Acuna proved very surprising in the hand-to-hand combat training when he was able to take down tall men posing as enemies despite his small frame.

Sergeant Rick Eber served as the cast's training director and from the start he assumed that the celebrities would treat this task as a joke. The first part of the training had the celebrities watching dashboard video of vehicle stops followed by mock setups with toy guns. The next part of the training was having the celebrities endure a real Taser shock where most opted for the clips delivering the shock rather than being hit with the pellets. After a quick course on physical tactics teaching how to restrain a suspect or get loose from a suspect who might be attacking the police, the celebrities were taken outside for target practice. After some extra coaching for Latoya, every one was able to get a qualifying score.

Sergeant Eber apologized to the cast after training because they ended up taking the task seriously and surpassing his expectations. The celebrities got to attend a real swearing in ceremony in official uniform where they got real badges and guns. The cast reported for their first nighttime shift and was each paired up with an experienced police officer for their partner. The calls they got were somewhat casual including intoxicated drivers, arresting an elderly lady for drug trafficking, a domestic disturbance and arresting two men who had outstanding warrants. A couple of the more standout examples of police work by the celebrities was when Latoya stepped up and took the initiative to arrest the second suspect who ended up also having a warrant out and Trish consoling a family whose Christmas tree had set their house on fire.

It was nice to see that the celebrities weren't given any special treatment as far as not expecting them to do the real police work or given mock cases so they wouldn't be in harm's way, but I think the show would have been more intriguing had the cases happened to include crimes of a more serious nature. There was still some moments where celebrity status still influenced their behavior such as Jason choosing to spend his down time in a bar inciting the crowd to "break their taillights just so he'd get to be the one to pull them over" or pulling over just to take pictures with fans. I did find myself laughing along with the cast during such moments as Latoya automatically wanting to shoot the driver in the mock vehicle stop or when the elderly drug trafficker was more impressed with getting to meet "Ponch" than upset about going to jail.

While I think the idea of celebrities having to live life in a member of the "common folk's" shoes, especially considering that almost all of this group became famous simply because of their family or their appearance rather than natural talent, is intriguing, I hope future episodes will feature some more treacherous yet still entertaining cases.

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Updated 1/17/07


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