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"Andy Barker, P.I." Review by Danielle 3/21/07

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"Andy Barker P.I." is a new comedy on NBC starring Conan O’Brien’s former sidekick, Andy Richter. With Clea Lewis by his side as his wife Jenny, Andy Barker starts his first day at work as a C.P.A. He has rented office space in a local shopping center but finds that no one seeks his business. After a day or two of boredom, a mystery woman comes to Andy’s office assuming he is the private investigator that used to rent the office space. She asks Andy to find her missing husband. Intrigued by the mystery and bored from lack of real business, Andy decides to pursue the case.

Andy seeks out the real private investigator, Lew Stasiak (Harve Presnell), to try and give him the case but Lew insists that Andy finish what he started. Andy, with the help of a trivia loving video store manager working in the same shopping center Simon (Tony Hale,) pursues the case and ultimately solves it. Lew is so impressed, he asks Andy to join him for future private investigative work. There were a few funny moments such as the use of the recording doll and Andy trying to hold a business meeting in his car while being chased by the clients he’d been investigating. Other than that, I found it corny and boring.

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Updated 4/3/07


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