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"30 Rock" Review by Suzanne 2/20/07

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I missed watching this earlier in the season, so I started downloading it from iTunes.  I have been enjoying them and laughing out loud at every episode!!  They are hilarious. Finally, a funny sitcom on TV again.

"30 Rock" is about a look behind-the-scenes at a live skit comedy show, somewhat like "Saturday Night Live", called "The Girl Show".  The head writer is Liz, played by Tina Fey (of SNL) and the lead actress is ditzy Jenna (played by Ally McBeal's Jane Krakowski).  The show's producer is replaced by loony Jack, played with great gusto by Alec Baldwin. He brings in Tracy Jordan, a movie actor/comedian who is literally crazy, played by SNL's Tracy Morgan.  There are plenty of fun tv/movie jokes, as well as jokes about the characters and their lives. It is not something that's easy to describe, but trust me, it's just very very funny. 

The show is basically a farce, like any good sitcom.  It's not to be taken seriously. I have read many comparisons to the other NBC show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", which is also about behind-the-scenes of a live SNL-type show.  However, besides their both having numbers in their names, that's where the similarities end.

I like both shows, but "30 Rock" is much funnier. It's a sitcom.  "Studio 60" is an hour long, and it's more what I'd call a soft or light drama.  It has many funny moments, but it's not farcical.  The people are meant to be more real.  Both shows are good and have their own merits, but if you are looked for straight-out laughs, watch 30 Rock.  If you are looking for both witty dialogue and entertaining drama, watch Studio 60.  But you really don't have to choose - watch both!

30 Rock airs Thursdays at 9:30 pm.

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Updated 2/20/07 


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