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"1 VS 100" Review by Danielle 8/30/06


1 vs. 100 is a new Deal or No Deal style game show that incorporates trivia knowledge mixed with Hollywood Squares style bluffing with a dash of Who Wants to be a Millionaire advancing monetary winnings. The show is hosted by Bob Saget (best known as Danny Tanner on Full House) and features a single contestant competing against what’s known as “the mob.” The mob is made up of a combination of people best described as freaks and geeks. Each mob contains about 5-6 of specific subsections of the population at large. For example, the mob could contain 5 brain surgeons (geeks) as well as 5 circus clowns (freaks). There have been occasional appearances in the mob by such pseudo celebrities like Jeopardy super winner, Ken Jennings.

The game is played by starting at the lowest monetary level. The monetary level gets higher per question but it is up to not only the contestant getting the question right but also the contestant choosing to risk his accrued winnings to continue on. The mob answers the same multiple choice trivia question as the contestant which much like every trivia based game show, includes school learning style questions as well as popular knowledge questions. The contestant also has two chances for help from the mob if he gets stuck on a question. One such helping hand involves randomly selecting two mob members, one having gotten the answer right and the other having gotten it wrong. The contestant gets to ask them each which answer they picked and why. The mob member has to be honest about their choice but can bluff their reasoning. The idea being that this eliminates 1 of the 3 answer choices and depending on who the contestant believes, can lead them to pick one of the 2 remaining answers over the other.

There are no safe levels in this game as there are in ‘Millionaire.’ If the contestant decides to continue on and gets the next question wrong, they leave with nothing and the remaining mob members split the total winnings the contestant had accumulated to that point. In a way, the mob members themselves are also contestants. By answering the questions right, they stay in the game and since they are still in the game, they get a piece of whatever is lost by each contestant. The way the contestant can win is to not only get their questions continuously right advancing the monetary value but also any mob member who gets the question wrong is knocked out. For each mob member knocked out, the contestant gets the monetary value of the question. For example, if 20 mob members got the $1,000 question wrong, then the contestant gets $20,000 added to their bank total. The overall goal is to knock out all 100 mob members to win one million dollars.


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Updated 10/30/06 


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