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"Wanted" Review by Suzanne 8/9/05



I love Gary Cole, who stars in this new TNT series.  He was great in "American Gothic", "Midnight Caller", "The West Wing", the Brady Bunch movies, etc. He is great in this show, too, as Conrad Rose, the leader of a special group of law enforcement officers that track down wanted criminals.

The show is filled with violence, four-letter words, action, and macho posturing.  Most guys should enjoy the show. The characters are interesting and engaging.  Rose's people are very distinct, so you don't get them confused, and one is even a woman.  Rose, an ex-LA SWAT cop, shows his softer side when he talks to his young son (of course he has an ex-wife, too).  Despite the handsome men and the family part of the story, I'm not sure if many women would enjoy this show.

If you like action, check it out!


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Updated 8/9/05  


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