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"Twins" Review by Suzanne 9/24/05

Twins picture

I don't know why they can't write funny comedies any more, or why they aren't hiring funny writers.  This may be one of the reasons that dramas and reality shows are so big now.

This show has a great cast, so it should also have great writing to go with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't.  They must have been really desperate to have a new sitcom to put this one up on their schedule.  I didn't laugh once during the whole premiere.

The show stars Sara Gilbert, who played the sarcastic daughter on Roseanne and was also on ER.  She is forced to play the "straight man" here and it really doesn't work.  She is the serious, smart sister to Molly Stanton's blonde bimbo sister.  Stanton is known for playing Charity on Passions.  Both are very fine actresses and deserve better material than this crap.  Girls, you don't need money this bad!

It also stars Mark Linn Baker (from "Perfect Strangers" over a decade ago) and Melanie Griffith as their parents.  I barely recognized Griffith because she's had so much plastic surgery, and that's not a good thing.  Baker has aged poorly, so they are an interest contrast in aging, to say the least.  Oh, and they're not funny, either. 

The "catch" of the show is that the dad retired, so the daughters are running his clothing business.  They are opposites, so they have very different opinions and ways of running things.  Please, God, put this show out of its misery or bring in some funny writers.

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Updated 9/24/05  


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