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"Threshold" Review by Suzanne  10/13/05

Threshold cast pic

I am really enjoying this show.  I think it is the best of all the "alien invasion" shows this fall (although it might be too soon to tell yet).

In the first episode, which was really a two-hour movie, a naval ship encounters some strange alien spaceship.  Most of the crewmembers either go bonkers and kill themselves, or each other, or they disappear.  A team of scientists is assembled to investigate and deal with the alien invasion, and keep it from the general public so as not to cause a panic.  This is the very short version.  It is a bit more complex, but not in a bad way.  There is plenty to keep a person's interest.

One of the show's producers and writers is Brannon Braga, who was a writer on all of the Star Trek spinoffs.  Brent Spiner, who starred as Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is one of the stars of the show as a scientist.  There are some other familiar faces, including star Carla Gugino, and Charles S. Dutton.  All of the acting is fine and the writing is very good.  The characters are well-defined quickly and in interesting ways.  Unlike some of the other invasion shows on the networks, the show is more about the alien threat and how they deal with it, rather than the characters or their families.  It has excellent special effects as well. 

You shouldn't miss this one; if you go out on Fridays, as I do, then make sure to record it!  It's far better than "Ghost Whisperer", the show opposite.

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Updated 10/13/05  


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