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"Surface" Review by Suzanne  9/24/05

This is a very intelligent, interesting, and creepy scifi tale about aliens that live underwater.  They are discovered by some scientists, and of course the government finds out and tries to keep the scientists from their discoveries.

The characters are very interesting and have a lot of depth. I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  I think they did a pretty good job of keeping the story moving while introducing the characters and giving us clues about the "monsters".  Some people, however, might find the show a little too slow-moving.

The special effects are great, of course.  They don't show the aliens full-on, just in bits and pieces, so it keeps them mysterious. They didn't even tell us they were aliens until the end (and really, they just hinted at it).  The show ended very abruptly, it seemed to me, which I guess is a good sign that I wanted it to keep going.  I look forward to watching future episodes.  You should check it out on Sundays because really it doesn't have much competition unless you are a die-hard fan of "Wife Swap".

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Updated 9/24/05  


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