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Reunion cast pics (women)"Reunion" Review by Julie 9/9/05

It's that time again. Yes, that time, the time of year when the old shows start new seasons, and the new shows start their run-whether it's long or short all depends on us.

I was anticipating a horrible new pilot season, and some shows I saw previews for...I couldnt get the strength to sit more than 5 minutes through. However, I took a chance and won with "Reunion".

The premise is there are 6 friends: Will, Craig, Aaron, Samantha, Jenna, and Carla, and what happens to them back in 1986 after their graduation party at Craig's house,

In the first episode, Will and Craig go and do a beer run with a drunk Craig at the wheel. They get into an accident and it seems that Craig is doing some time for driving while intoxicated. Apparently, back in 1986, if you were accepted to an ivy-league school, you let your best friend take the fall because he isn't worth as much as you. That was what seemed to be going on with Will and Craig, anyway. Unknown to Craig, his girlfriend is pregnant, but it's not his baby; it's best-friend Will's. Samantha, his girlfriend, decides to terminate the pregnancy. When she gets to the doctors office, she cannot bring herself to do it.

Back at the house, Will thinks that since he had a clean record, he will get probation and maybe a wrist-slap. However, the driver of the truck they rammed into dies of internal bleeding, and he gets charged with the death. He does a plea-bargain and both parties accept it. Everything seems fine---until the judge rejects the plea bargain and sentences Will to 12 months in prison. This sets up a Will/Samantha/Craig triangle.

The other three characters are just as entangled. Jenna has a thing for her english teacher. Aaron loves Jenna, and Carla loves Aaron. Finally, the english teacher dumps Jenna right at the moment when Carla is going to confess her undying love to Aaron. When she goes to see Aaron she gets an eyeful, instead, of Jenna and Aaron making out.

This show has a few well-known actors, and the rest are undiscovered. The acting is wonderful from Chyler Leigh, Sean Faris, and Will Estes as Carla, Craig, and Will, respectively. The story is woven like a tapestry and the high school years are seen as one big flashback. The big mystery of the show is that one of the friends is murdered, and one of the other friends is the murderer. I have a feeling we won't know which friend is which for a while.

I believe this show is one of many that Fox is going to hit it big with, another show being "Prison Break". "Reunion" airs at 9pm EST on Fox following "The O.C."

Letter Grade: A+

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Updated 9/14/05  


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