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"Prison Break" Review by Shirley  11/2/05

I have been watching Prison Break, Monday nights on Fox, since it started, and I have to say it seems to get better as it goes along. Now, true, the fact that one of the stars of the show, Wentworth Miller, is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous goes a long way to keep me coming back each week, but the story is really growing on me, and it's getting more and more mysterious and exciting.

It started out with a man, Wentworth, getting himself arrested and thrown in jail in an effort to help his brother, played by Dominic Pursell, escape from death row. Seems the brother was convicted of killing the Vice President of the United States, with witnesses and everything, but he swears he didn't do it. His brother, at first skeptical because of the fact the other one has been in and out of jail for years, finally realizes his brother is really innocent. That's when he comes up with a plan to get him out.

The trouble is, the older brother's execution date is coming up soon, so everything has to run like clockwork in order to get everything set up, make their escape, and disappear, but as the days go by, more and more goes wrong. Every time it does, tho, the younger brother, a genius with the blueprint of the whole prison tattooed on his body as a work of art, manages to come up with something that gets them back on track.

Sorry, I don't remember the names of the characters. Must be those gorgeous blue eyes on Wentworth that just wipes my mind clean whenever I look at, it even works when I see them in my mind's eye! Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, things keep going wrong.

It started out being just the two brothers and two or three others who were going to make the escape, but one by one other prisoners discover what's going on and threaten to expose them if they aren't allowed to go, too. One is a particularly rotten individual who "befriends" the most vulnerable young newbies who are brought in. He guarantees they will be safe from various factions of prison dwellers as long as he follows him wherever he goes, holding on to the man's outturned pocket. Of course, he expects payment of a physical nature in return, and total loyalty. He makes a play for Wentworth's character, but is put in his place quite nicely. However, he discovers their plot and is now included in it.

Another guy, one of the ones they counted on having, is a guy who pretty much runs the prison and that everyone leaves alone. He has access to all parts of the prison because he pays off a guard. On the Oct. 31 show, however, his money connection is closed down, he can't pay the guard, and another con is backed by whoever was paying the first guy. As a result, access to the room where they are digging the last tunnel is closed off to them and another group of prisoners is to finish the job they were supposed to be doing. Now, with only a few days left until the older brother is executed, it seems a hopeless cause. It looks like the new guys will find the tunnel and either turn them in or escape themselves.

While all this is going on in prison, outside, the "murderers" ex-wife and her new husband are murdered, with the man's son only escaping by a hair. Now he has joined up with the prisoner's girlfriend and a friend of hers who realize that, indeed, the guy was set up, and we are now aware that the plot goes all the way to the new Vice President!

Holy intrigue, this show is really getting good. Will they manage to escape before the innocent man is executed? Will the plot be exposed by the girlfriend and son, with the real culprit ending up behind bars? Will the gorgeous younger brother with the "gotta save the world" complex end up with the very pretty prison doctor who's taken such an interest in him? Tune in and find out. You really won't be disappointed.

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Updated 9/7/05  


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