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"Prison Break" Review by Suzanne 9/7/05

I really wanted to like this show. I like the actors, the writing is good, and it has an interesting plot that grabbed my attention the first episode.  I just really don't like prison shows or movies.  It seems too much like "Oz", which I can't watch.  It's too violent and depressing for me.  There aren't too many women in the cast, either.  I really like the two actors who play the brothers.  One is Dominic Purcell, who starred in FOX's "John Doe" a few years ago. I really loved that show.  The actor who plays his brother is good, too.

I probably would have really enjoyed this if it was a movie because then it would end with the brothers escaping.  But this show is about life in prison, as well as about how the one brother is trying to break the other out of jail, so they can't escape yet. 

I did enjoy the pilot, until the ending, which was kind of depressing and violent.  There is some sort of conspiracy-intrigue subplot, too. I guess after The X-Files, John Doe and so many other shows, that kind of thing just doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did. Plus, I was really disappointed at how they canceled John Doe before I could figure out what was going on, so I don't want to go through that again.  I really tried to watch the second episode, but it just was too dark for me.

If you like shows like OZ, you might like this one.  I gave up after the first episode.

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Updated 9/7/05  


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