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"Freddie" Review by Eva 10/15/05

Out of Practice cast photo

Out Of Practice Monday's 9:30 Eastern Time 8:30 Central Time

Out of Practice revolves around a family of doctors who seem to have more problems then their patients. Henry Winker plays Stewart Barnes, and Stockyard Chaining plays his ex-wife, Lydia Barnes. Stewart Barnes is dating his much younger assistant, Crystal, played by Jennifer Tilly. Crystal is a patient of Stewart's son, Oliver, who is a plastic surgeon.

Oliver (Ty Burble) is a very competitive man, who is only interested in dating the most beautiful women in town. Oliver's sister Regina (Paula Marshall) is also a very competitive ER doctor, and she and Oliver often make bets on things like who can jog to their favorite restaurant in the fastest time.

Ben Barnes (Christopher Groham) is a recently divorced couples' therapist whom the family doesn't consider a real doctor. The show is clearly meant to showcase the younger actors, but as expected Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing steal the show because Stewart and Lydia Barnes' constant bickering is fun to watch. The weakness in the show is that the stories involving the Barnes siblings aren't as interesting to watch and tend to get boring.

If you are as happy to see Henry Winker back on television again, as I am, then you should definitely watch the show because the chemistry between him and Stockard Channing is wonderful. The show should do well just because it's on CBS's unbeatable Monday night line-up, but if CBS decides to move it to a different day, it should fade into television history, unless the writing improves for the younger cast.

From 1 to 5, I give this show a 3.

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Updated 10/31/05  


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