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"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" Review by Eva  10/11/05

Martha Stewart photo

The Apprentice Martha Stewart Wednesdays 8 Eastern 7 Central NBC

The format is the same, the boss is different; instead of Donald, it's Martha, and for fans of Donald's Apprentice, Martha's style is quite different-- some would say a bit more laid back then Donald. There is no board room, just a conference room, where the teams meet to get their projects and also get fired. Martha's catch phrase isn't "Your fired".  Instead, she says, "You just don't ft in".  Also, another notable difference is that Martha sends each apprentice she fires a letter, telling them why they didn't fit into her company and encouraging them to continue to follow their dream. The competition is just as cut throat between the contestants, although sometimes the projects they are given to do are not as interesting as in the original Apprentice.

The show faces tough competition on Wednesday with both ABC and CBS programming-- an hour of established comedies against Martha.  I think the show will have a tough time finding an audience on Wednesday nights.  Unless NBC changes the show's time slot ,Martha's Apprentice could get crushed by the competition of CBS and ABC. I give this show a 3 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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Updated 10/13/05  


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