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"Killer Instinct" Review by Suzanne  10/13/05

Killer Insinct cast pic

This is really a fascinating show. It's hard to pinpoint what it's about in a short sentence.  A lot of things are going on.

First of all, it's a cop show, but it's far from ordinary.  These cops investigate bizarre murders--serial killers and other crazies--for the Deviant Crime Unit.  So the stories are very lurid.  The main character, Jack Hale, started out the show having taken a leave of absence because his partner, with whom he was romantically involved, was murdered.  Later, we find out that he just disappeared for 6 months without telling anyone where he was.  We also learn that his father was a serial killer.  In the first episode, a brunette woman is his partner, but then it turns out she was chosen to psychoanalyze him and see if he is fit to return to duty.  This doesn't sit very well with Hale, of course.  However, we also found out that she was the one sending him stalker-like photos and messages. 

In the second episode, he got a new blonde female partner.  They have good chemistry and seem to make a good team.  She is able to be an equal to him (or as much as she can, considering he's more senior to the job).  Besides Chi McBride, who plays their gruff boss very well, the other star of this show is the City of San Francisco, where the show takes place.  They do a great job of showcasing the sites of the city.  It gives the show a very real feel.  That is another added layer to the show.

I look forward to watching future episodes of the show, to learn more about Jack's past and whether we will see that other woman again.  Also, I'm a sucker for deviant crime shows--anyone who likes serial killer novels or shows like Law & Order: SVU should really like this one as well.  My only objections to the show are 1) the title is too bland and doesn't really describe the show well, plus it's not catchy enough to get people to watch the show; and 2) Jack crosses the line a little more than I am comfortable with, as he did in the pilot when he made a poisonous spider bite a suspect and then didn't give him the antidote (fortunately, the guy lived, but Jack didn't know that would happen and didn't care).   Even a troubled hero should be a hero.

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Updated 10/13/05  


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