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"Just Legal" Review by Suzanne  10/13/05

I watched this show because I like Don Johnson in just about anything. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a good legal drama, the way "The Practice" or "L.A. Law" used to be.  The cast does a nice job.  Johnson is totally believable as an ambulance-chaser who takes on a smart young lawyer right out of law school.  The two of them take on the corporate world and other big dogs.  This would have made a good show for CBS or NBC.

Unfortunately, the show is on The WB. I don't know why they thought it was their kind of thing.  Maybe they were hoping for a CSI-like hit because it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.  Unfortunately, we'll never know because they pulled it from the schedule after just three episodes.

I'm not gong to cry about it; it's not like this is my favorite show.  However, I really hate how the networks cancel things so quickly. It's ridiculous to think that a show that has as much competition as this one does is going to catch fire so quickly.  I had a hard time recording it because of the other shows that are on at the same time (not to mention Monday Night Football!).

The show has already been pulled from the schedule and may not return.  It's just a shame. I hope they let Johnson get another show because I've always thought he is very under-rated as an actor.  I think he has a lot of charisma, too, and could carry almost any show.

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Updated 10/13/05  


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