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"Invasion" Review by Suzanne  10/1/05

Invasion cast pic

This seems to be a pretty good, and possibly great, scifi show so far. I missed part of the first episode (stupid cable!), but I think I got the gist of it from the second half and from watching the second episode. It seemed to improve in the second episode and get more complex, less-predictable.  There are a lot of little ins and outs to the story that I didn't expect.

The show was not as promoted as heavily as they intended because there is a big hurricane in the first episode, so naturally they tried to be sensitive to the problems that people in the hurricane-affected areas are having.  However, it follows the very-successful "Lost", so it does well so far in the ratings.  Also, although it is up against too well-established dramas (CSI: NY and Law & Order), fans who like scifi and that sort of thing should stick with it rather than changing the channel.

"Invasion" is about an alien invasion.  There are many characters in this ensemble show, but the main hero is Park Ranger Russell, played by one of my fave actors, Eddie Cibrian.  The show centers around his family, including his ex-wife and her new husband (the sheriff), both of which have been taken over by aliens.  The show was created by Shawn Cassidy, who did an excellent job with the horror show "American Gothic".

You should visit the ABC website, which is really interesting and set up like a fan blog rather than a real TV network site.  Also they have a site called, which has a lot of info.  You can find some pictures, info, etc. on our news page.

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Updated 10/1/05  


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