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"How I Met Your Mother" Review by Eva 10/19/05

How I. Met your Mother Monday 8:30 Eastern 7:30 Central. Time.

This show had very funny commercials before its premiere, so I decided to watch it in its second episode. It was less then impressive but had some good points. The show reminds me a bit of Friends, but has a lot of work to do before it can hope to get to be as good as that show.

The show revolves around Ted (Josh Radnor) telling his children how he fell in love with their mother. The show tells its stories through flashbacks from the future and is narrated by a grown-up Ted. The narration can be annoying because at times it interrupts the story to make a joke and it takes you out of the main story. The show revolves around Ted's (Josh Radnor) search for the perfect woman to marry and tells of a different date every week. Ted's realization that he must marry soon or end up alone forever is brought on by the fact that his best friend Marshall (Jason Seagull) decides to pop the question to his long time girlfriend Lily (Alyson Hannigan)

Ted's other friends also help him in the search. Barney ( Neil Patrack Harris) is a friend who always has the perfect way for Ted to meet women and also has endless and outrageous opinions on every subject. Ted also meets Robin, whom he thinks could be the right woman to marry. Robin is a reporter for a television station that nobody watches, and Barney is forever making bets with her to get her to say some outrageous word or sentence at the end of her stories, just to see if anyone is actually going to pay attention to her this time. Robin takes Barney's bets because he pays her a lot more then the television station pays her. This is the only joke in the show that actually works.

Ted's dating experiences are not all that funny, and I think the ensemble cast has to work on its comic timing because the bets between Barney and Robin are the only times I laughed during the show. The show has a great time slot in CBS unbeatable Monday night line up, but unless the writing improves in future episodes or the young cast comes together to form a true ensemble, the show shouldn't last too much longer. My rating from 1 to 5 is a 3.

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Updated 11/1/05  


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