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"Hot Properties" Review by Eva  10/10/05

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Hot Properties ABC Friday 9:30 Eastern 8:30 central

Hot Properties was being advertised so heavily by ABC and given a time slot on its Friday night powerhouse line up, but to be honest the first episode of hot properties left me cold. The show is from the producers of Frasier and it reminds me a bit of "Designing Women", only it wasn't as funny. The show's premise revolves around four women who work at a real estate office and has a cast of unknowns,, except for the shows star, Gail O'Grady, the owner of the real estate company. O'Grady plays Ava, a woman who was a party girl that recently married a younger man.  He is unaware of her real age.

There is also: Chloe Reid, played by Nicole Sulivan, who is sure she will marry a wonderful man if only the men she dated could manage to remember her name the day after their date; Lola Hernandez,  played by Sofia Vergar,a who is recently divorced and needs to get used to dating again after years of being married; Emerson Ives, played by Christina Moore, is a rich girl who has never worked a day in her life but decides to work with the ladies after she breaks her engagement to her boyfriend, after discovering that he had one night stands with both Chloe and Ava.

I expected a lot out of this show, since it's from the producers of Frasier, but the cast doesn't seem to have any chemistry together, and no comic timing at all.  I only laughed twice during the whole show. The running jokes were not funny because you knew they were coming. The show has two strong shows before it ,Super Nanny and Hope & Faith, so viewers may tune in to check out the show, but unless it improves in future episodes, viewers will quickly flip the channel after watching it one time. From 1 to 5 I give this show a 1.

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Updated 10/13/05  


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