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"Ghost Whisperer" Review by Suzanne  10/1/05

Ghost Whisperer pic

I tend to like any show that is about supernatural stuff, especially if it is creepy.  This show fits the bill. I don't watch "Medium", but I've heard good things about it.  This show is also good.

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the title character who sees and communicates with ghosts.  She helps them to get in touch with the person or persons that they have unfinished business with so they can pass on. In some ways, it's similar to "Touched by An Angel" but much creepier and without the religious stuff.

Hewitt does a good job as the young woman who tries to lead a normal life, despite her unwanted talents.  She is a newlywed, and her hunky husband seems somewhat tolerant of her strange vocation.  He is a paramedic with some self-doubt about his effectiveness.  His dead brother talks to her sometimes.  So far I have enjoyed the shows.  They are not fantastic, must-see TV, but they are entertaining.  That is enough to ask out of any show.  It's on Fridays when there is not too much else on, so it should do fine.  There is a scifi show, "Threshold", that comes after it, and then the excellent drama "Numb3rs".  It is a good combination of shows.

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Updated 10/1/05  


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