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"Freddie" Review by Eva 10/15/05

Freddie cast photo

 Freddie Wednesdays 8:30 Eastern time &:30 Eastern time 7:30 Central time.

"Freddie" Stars Freddie Pinze Jr. and Brian Austin Green.  I was very excited to watch this show because I enjoyed Freddie Prinze Jr. and thought he was a great comic actor. I had my doubts about Brian Austin Green in a sitcom because I had only seen him in dramas, but I have to say Brian Austin Green does a great job in the role of Freddie's best friend, Chris, who only cares about his next romantic conquest.

The show revolves around Freddie Moreno, played by Prinze, who owns a very trendy Chicago restaurant. Freddie is very excited to finally be able to move out of the house he grew up in, which was full of women, and live the life of a bachelor. Freddie's circumstances change when his brother dies and kind-hearted Freddie takes in his pregnant sister, played by Jaqueline Abraders (NYPD Blue), and her 13- year-old daughter, played by Chloe Suez ( the Comeback). Freddie also takes in his sister-in-law, played by Mdchen Amick (Twin Peaks), and their grandma, played by Jenny Gago.

It's hard for Freddie to continue his bachelor lifestyle when all the women in his life always find something wrong with every woman he dates. Grandma in particular is very harsh on his dates. Grandma also refuses to speak English and will only speak Spanish, even though she understands every word of English.

The cast has great comic timing and is a great ensemble. The show is very funny and should do well against its Wednesday competition on NBC. The competition of the two more established comedies on CBS, King of Queens and Yes Dear, may prove tougher to beat. The show's only problem could be that the Grandma only speaks Spanish on the show, and they translate what she says with subtitles;  viewers may not want to watch a show where they have to read subtitles for one of the show's characters (although they do translate it well and Grandma gets some very funny jokes). This show is a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.

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Updated 10/18/05  


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