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"Freddie" Review by Suzanne  10/13/05

So far I've only watched one episode of the show; if I watch another, I may amend my review.

The show is about Freddie, who is a successful restaurant-owner.  His sister, niece, mother, and widowed sister-in-law life with him.  He goes out a lot with his friend (played by 90210's Brian Austin Green) to pick up women.

I had high hopes for this show because we really need some good new comedies.  I was pretty disappointed, though.  From the beginning, the show tried too hard (and the laugh track was definitely annoying when it started laughing maniacally at jokes that were not funny at all).  The show was not really funny or even interesting, at all.  Then, later, when Freddie meets a woman from his old neighborhood, it got better.  Seeing how she and his family interacted was interesting, and there were a few good jokes.

The cast did a fine job; it just needs better writing and it needs to work on its own terms and take chances, not try so hard to please the audience.  If I could only watch one show in that time slot, it wouldn't be this one. 

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Updated 10/13/05  


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