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"My Name Is Earl" Review by Suzanne  9/24/05

Earl picture

I have to confess that it's very difficult for me to be unbiased when reviewing this sitcom starring Jason Lee because I just love him. I think he's hysterical in anything, and cute.  So he could just stand there and babble, and I'd want to watch.

I enjoyed watching the show, I thought it was pretty funny, and the characters are likable.

The show is about a loser/petty criminal named Early who figures out what karma is and that it's been working against him.  He has wasted his life being mean to people and doing bad things (nothing too bad, though, I'm guessing).  After losing a winning lottery ticket, he sees Carson Daly on TV talking about karma--if you do good things, good things will come to you.  So Earl decides that he is going to get him some good luck by doing good things.  He makes a list of all of of the bad things he's done his whole life, so he can make amends to the people on the list, one by one.  Sort of like a twelve-step program for meanness!

In true sitcom fashion, his luck changes almost immediately.  The show is narrated by Earl, who is a real trailer-park guy, with white trash friends.  They spend a lot of time drinking beer while making amends.  The characters are quirky and fun, but not in an annoying way.  But like I said, it's hard for me to be objective.  You watch it and judge for yourself!

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Updated 9/24/05  


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