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"Criminal Minds" Review by Suzanne  9/24/05

This would be your standard police investigation/profiler show, except for the wonderful cast.  Mandy Patinkin is great as the tortured profiler-turned professor that solves serial killer cases.  The investigators include Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg") and Shemar Moore ("Young & The Restless").  All of the characters are interesting. 

Personally I love stories about serial killers. Not that I'm creepy about it or anything. I just find them fascinating--I couldn't tell you why.  I guess a lot of people feel the same way, based on the number of novels, TV shows, and movies about them.  I also find the investigators who go after them to be fascinating.  One of my favorite shows was "Profiler" from the 90's.  So far this seems to be as good as that show.

I do love Mandy Patinkin in just about anything, although I was not a huge fan of "Dead Like Me". I'm glad to see he has found a good starring role in a solid show.  I don't foresee that he will break into song in this the way he did "Chicago Hope", but you never know....

Anyway, I think anyone who watches this show will find it entertaining and interesting.  I just hope it will survive because it's got a very tough time slot opposite "Lost", "Veronica Mars" and some other new shows that might be promising.

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Updated 9/24/05  


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