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"Closer" Review by Suzanne 8/9/05


The lead character in "Closer" is Brenda, played by Kyra Sedgewick.  She works for the LAPD as someone who gets confessions about of the bad guys.  She is a very strong woman, perhaps the strongest one on TV.  Sydney Bristow has nothing on her.  Brenda doesn't show very much vulnerability, aside from the two kittens at home.  The other main characters are male cops who seem to worship Brenda.  They show her good support when she needs it.  Agent Fritz Howard, an FBI agent, has a thing for her.  You might recognize Jon Tenney, who plays Howard, from many TV shows and movies.

Tenney and Sedgewick have something in common: they both married other actors.  Sedgewick's husband is actor Kevin Bacon.  Tenney was married to Teri Hatcher.  Sorry, that's all the gossip I know :)  Anyway, you might recognize some of the other actors from other TV dramas.  They all do a great job.  The writing is also top-notch.  Since the summer has mostly been filled with reality shows, The Closer is already a hit.

I hope that it continues to be a hit when the regular network dramas return in the fall.  Being on TNT gives the show some advantage because they don't have to worry about censored.  They can be as gritty and realistic as they want.

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Updated 8/9/05  


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