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"Veronica Mars" Review by Suzanne 9/27/04

Veronica Mars cast photo from hollywoodjesus.comThis quirky show almost seems like one that was meant for the Disney channel, but it's written just a little more adult than those shows are.  The main character is a teenage Nancy Drew-like girl named Veronica.  She lives with her dad, a private detective, and helps him solve crimes.  She seems more like a young adult than a teen, but it is revealed in the first show that circumstances have made her grow up really fast.  In a fairly short time, she lost her boyfriend and her best friend, her father lost his job, and her mother ran off.  As a result of all this, she became very unpopular at school and in town, and she lost her virginity to some stranger when her drink was spiked at a party.

The characters are all interesting and there are many secrets in the small town in which she lives.  I watched with interest as she tried to figure out the secrets and other problems in her life.  I am looking forward to seeing the other secrets come out and what will happen to her.

The star of the show, Kristen Bell, reminds me a little of Allison Mack (Chloe on "Smallville").  I have always liked the actor who plays her dad, Enrico Colantoni (from "Just Shoot Me!").  The rest of the cast seems capable and interesting.

The only thing I didn't like about the show is that she narrates it. I hate it when shows are narrated. The show reminds me of a FOX show I enjoyed a few years ago, "Keen Eddie", but it's not as frenetic or uneven as that show was. I'm very afraid that "Veronica Mars" might just be a little complicated or odd for the average person to enjoy. I will keep watching it while I still can, before UPN cancels it.

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