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"The Cut" Review by Boo 6/9/05

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Tommy Hilfigerís new show on CBS follows the same formula that so many other shows are following: take the contestants, divide them into teams, give them challenges, the losing team is picked, and an elimination is made. This show starts out with 16 contestants that want the ultimate dream of designing clothes under the Tommy Hilfiger label.

I really didnít think I would have any interest in this show at all, since I am not that interested in fashion. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I may not know anything at all about fashion, but I do know about peopleís dreams. Watching people that are passionate about what they want is nice. Tommy is a gracious host and knows how to deliver criticism without destroying a personís dreams. On the premier, neither team came out shining, like Tommy had hoped for. He praised parts of each team's work, and pointed out the things they did wrong, without being cruel or rude.

Watching this show made me realize what these big names risk when they do a reality show, though. At the end of the show, he told both teams that one of them would be signed to design under his name. He also told them that at this point in the game, he is petrified by that thought. What happens on these shows if they go through the whole show and not one contestant measures up to the hosts standards? They signed on to do the show, so they still have to give one of them a job. I understand why Tommy is petrified at the thought (not that I thought they were all horrible). As I said, I know nothing about fashion, design, or creativity. I wouldnít know talent in that area if I was slapped in the face with it. I do understand that Tommy does know all of that, though. It made me realize that the contestants on these shows are not the only ones that have something to lose.

I donít see how a show like this one can go any farther than one season. Itís not like Tommy is going to hire a new designer every season...? Maybe I am wrong, Donald Trump does it.  

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Updated 7/5/05  


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