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"Complete Savages" Review by Suzanne 11/6/04

Complete Savages cast photo from caught an episode of this show.  It was truly awful.

The characters are very unlikable.  A single father who enjoys beer a little too much and his five unruly, sloppy, violent children.  One lies, one likes to hit things, and one is stupid.  They're all failing school.  This is funny? Why don't they have the father beat them and add more humor?  It's like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers without the women, or the heart.

I can take unlikable characters; I am a big fan of both "Married With Children" and "South Park".  But in that case, a show has to be bitingly funny, which this is not.  There was only one line I laughed at in the episode I saw: "Nobody as stupid as me could ever be president".  Oh, yeah, and the kids are not very good actors, either.

Movie/TV/radio star Keith Carradine deserves better than this, as does Vincent Ventresca (former star of "The Invisible Man", who plays a family friend).

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Updated 7/5/05  


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