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"Complete Savages" Review by Eva 9/26/04

Complete Savages cast photo from abc.comThe show revolves around a single father, Nick Savage, struggling to raise his five sons. Carradine plays Nick Savage, a fireman who has to figure out how to handle his five sons alone after the rowdy, sloppy bunch has scared away the 12th maid in ten years. This show has received much publicity and promotion because it is executive-produced by Mel Gibson. I have to admit I wasn't that excited about this show when I saw the commercials for it before the first episode. I decided that since comedies are my favorite to watch, I would give it a chance.

Keith Carradine is surprisingly funny, something I didn't expect at all. The young actors that play his kids are also funny and cute, something that pre-teen and teen girls will love (expect to see all the actors that play the Savage boys on the covers of teen magazines soon). The show is a bit gross at times because it is about a house full of teenage boys. The show is funny, but women may not enjoy it because of some of the gross comedy they have at times. If women can get past that, they will find themselves wanting to help this frazzled father and feel like the boys need a mother. I think this show will do well in its Friday time slot, but if they move it during the season, it might suffer in the ratings.

Show rating: from 1 to 5, I give it a 4
Complete Savages airs on Fridays 8;30 PM ET 7:30 Central time

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Updated 7/5/05  


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