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"Rodney" Review by Eva 9/26/04

Rodney cast photo from abc.comI was excited to see this show when I saw the commercials for it on ABC, and it didn't let me down. I was laughing all during the show and even after it was over, when I recalled some of the scenes. The show centers around a former stand-up comedian, played by Rodney Cranston, who gave up his dream of comic stardom when he got married and had a family. Now he works in a fiberglass plant.

In the first show, Rodney is trying to decide how to tell his wife he quit his job at the plant because he wants to pursue his dream again. Rodney Carrington and Jennifer Aspen, who plays his wife, have wonderful chemistry and comic timing. The show is very well-written and reminds me a bit of "The Jeff Foxworthy show". The rest of the cast is also very funny and work well together. This show should do very well for ABC on Tuesdays at 9:30 ET 8;30 central time. I think it is the stand out comedy of the season so far. Rating: From 1 to 5, I rate "Rodney" a 5.

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