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"Rescue Me" Review by Elizabeth 9/15/04

Rescue Me cast from cruel-kindness.netAiring at 10pm Wednesdays on FX, is Rescue Me Denis Leary’s newest show. The show focuses on firemen, specifically from Engine 62 in a post September 11th world. This show, like most of Leary's work has language & scenes that some viewers find objectionable, though for true Leary fans I doubt it will come as a shock.

Leary plays Tommy Gavin, a firefighter who along with his co-workers risks his life everyday. Leary gives us his character as one of the most honest characters portrayed on television - an alcoholic, self hating, pill popping father that's going through a divorce. As if that weren't enough he also sees dead people. Haunted by the ghosts of those he cannot save, specifically his cousin, Jimmy who died at the WTC on 9/11 he's complex and conflicted.

The show doesn't shy away from showing the less heroic side of the firehouse by showing the firemen similar to college fraternity buddies who get in arguments, and play tricks on one another. There is a fireman who writes poetry as an emotional release and hides it from his wife, a chief who has a serious gambling problem another firefighter who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. That's not to mention the 'newbie' who is constantly getting jokes played on him, the fireman who is a few bricks short of a load and there's also the ladies man who loves getting with the ladies.

Don't let the fact that this show is part comedy fool you, it most definitely addresses some of the personal & emotional issues facing the FDNY in the aftermath of September 11th.

The great thing about this show is that Leary is not trying to portray firemen as perfect heroes. Most of them are flawed, and yet still continue to do their job. His wife on the show, Janet (Andrea Roth) gives him the diagnosis that Leary is a guy who "a walk around like everything is fine, when you're dead inside."

As someone who isn't into the reality show craze - this show is great. It has you both laughing and thinking.

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