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"Point Pleasant" Review by Suzanne 2/1/05

Point Pleasant cast photo from atnzone.comI really enjoy this show.  It is creepy and dark, but it's also a fun soap opera.  It steals from all the great horror movies about the devil that I watched growing up, such as The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby and The Omen.  It is also reminiscent of Beverly Hills 90210, Peyton Place, Dark Shadows, and American Gothic.  It does a good job of combining horror fantasy and soap operas.

I missed the first episode, but I had no trouble catching up for the second and third episodes.  The main character is a girl who comes to a small New England town.  Bad things start to happen after she arrives.  She thinks she is bad luck, but she doesn't know why.  We learn with her that she is Satan's daughter.  She is a confused teen who isn't sure if she should choose good or evil.  In some ways it's a classic teen drama because she doesn't want to follow in her father's footsteps (her father just happens to be the devil).

There are many former daytime stars in the show, along with Grant Show from Melrose Place.  I really like the cast and how well they work together.  The show moves along at a good place and it's pure escapist entertainment.  Although the show is aimed at teens, "old" people like me should enjoy it, too.

Check it out, Wednesday nights on FOX after The O.C.

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Updated 7/4/05  


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