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"Super Nanny and Nanny 911" Review by Boo 5/16/05

Nannies picture from FOX and ABC

Surprise! Fox and ABC were at it again, trying to beat each other to air their own versions of this show. I was still optimistic, though, thinking that the viewers would somehow benefit from their rivalry. I was wrong! There was very little difference in the two shows. Both shows feature one family a week with kids that are so out of control, I wouldnít even want to go to the grocery store with them where my neighbors might see them, let alone be on display on TV for the whole nation to see. To make matters worse, all of these couples have at least one of them calling the show, wanting "help from the nanny". Yet, every week, we saw at least one of the parents battle it out with the nanny. Their feathers would get ruffled because someone else was telling them how to raise their children. Well, DUH! What did they think was going to happen? Not to mention, the nanny would never have been called if they were doing a good job to begin with.

How did the nanny teach the parents to control their children? Well, of course, they did it by giving the children all the control. They said to let the children talk, to let them tell you why they are mad and listen to their reasons. Oh, sure, you send them to a "time out" if they do something that is not acceptable, but then you listen to their complaints. Iím sorry, but I just canít agree with this type of child raising. My father "might" have actually spanked me once in my life. I see nothing wrong with a good sound spanking. Does that mean that I believe in beating a child? No. Not at all. There is nothing wrong with a nice sturdy slap on the hand, or a sound spanking on the bottom. We used to teach children at a very young age that they always had to take responsibility for their actions. Sometimes, the anticipation taught us the lesson more than the actual spanking. I remember the one hundred mile treks to the front yard tree to retrieve a switch for grandma that I knew was going to be used on my backside (because I stole her apple pie for me and my friends) much more than I remember the actual switching.

I do have to admit that the nanny always seemed to improve the behavior of the children, at least to a point that I wouldnít be embarrassed. Iím sorry, but I still didnít see manners being taught to these kids, or any semblance of respect, or a sense of right and wrong. Needless to say, I didnít watch very many episodes of either show. The only difference I saw in the two shows was that ABC had one special nanny that they used ever week. FOX had several different ones that they would switch out. I donít expect either show to last past two seasons. The only reason I think either of them might come back for a second season is because some people are so hooked on reality that they will watch anything that is called reality, no matter how awful.

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Updated 7/4/05  


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