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"Lost" Review by Suzanne 9/27/04

Lost cast photo from didn't know if I would like this show, but it is really fantastic.  It is produced and written by the same team that does "Alias", another show I love, so it shouldn't be a surprise, I guess.  The show grabs you from the beginning and just keeps going, packed with action, and then it stops, leaving you to wonder what will happen next week.  The premiere was very exciting and seemed a little bit like it ended in the middle of the movie, so I can't wait to see the second half, I mean, next show.

Matthew Fox, who starred in another good scifi drama I liked called "Haunted", as well as "Party of Five", is our hero.  The premise of the show is that a plane crashes on a tropical island and the survivors are stranded.  That part is exciting enough; but this is not "Gilligan's Island" with better acting.  Something big and scary is out there in the jungle as well.  Dinosaurs, perhaps? If so, the show is already better than the lame action-adventure show "The Lost World" because we still haven't seen the dinosaurs, or whatever they are, which makes it even scarier.

So far the acting has been top-notch.  Fox plays a doctor named Jack.  He helps to rescue people from the plane wreckage when others are standing around wailing or in shock.  Then he finds some privacy and takes off his shirt to reveal that he has a huge gash on his side, with blood soaking his shirt.  He is a doctor, as it turns out, but he can't reach that part of his body, so he gets another passenger who happens to be walking by to stitch it up for him.  She is reluctant to do something that scary, but he quickly calms her fears and endears himself to her (and to us).  She doesn't leave his side after that, and who can blame her?

Jack and this woman, and another guy, an annoying (and suspicious) Brit named Charlie, go to find the rest of the plane and its transceiver.  They find it, and the pilot, who is still alive.  They are figuring out what to do next when the monster attacks, grabbing the pilot out of the plane.  They later find his mangled body hanging from a tree.

I can't wait to see what happens next week, and I sure hope that ABC keeps this show around.  Tune in to keep the ratings up! Good science fiction is rare, but successful good science fiction is even rarer. 

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